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Waipu - a Hidden Treasure and Just 2 Hours Drive from Auckland CBD

During the last Anzac day long weekend, we (me, my wife and my 2 daughters) did not have any plan to go anywhere. We though, we will go somewhere in Auckland for a short day trip/picnic and will come back on the same day and will chill at home for the rest 2 days. But when I woke up on Saturday morning, the day was so sunny that I was not able to refrain myself to book an Airbnb for four of us! 👨

I woke up late in the morning and then was searching for a place to stay. Most of the places were already booked because of the long weekend. At first I was looking for a place in Waiheke Island but not many places were left and on top of that the ones which were left were so pricy! We all love Northland so I thought, I will try to find a place close to Whangarei and then will go somewhere from there. Then found a place which is almost 30 minutes drive from Whangarei. The Airbnb was close to Waipu Cove. Before that I had no idea about Waipu. But I was just browsing the pictures attached to the Airbnb listing and got amazed! Then had searched in Google and YouTube, decided to go there after that! 

We had started around 2:44 pm and it took around 2 hours to reach to our destination. The road is quite straight forward. From our residence we had taken the state highway 1 and after driving around 1 hour and 45 minutes when we had turned right to the cove road, we had gone through the center and Waipu village and as soon as we had crossed the one lance bridge the landscape was beautiful. On one side, there where high hills and on the other side you can the see the sea. After driving around another 10 minutes we had reached to our Airbnb which was on top of a slope and the view from the balcony was breathtaking. Our Airbnb was stunning and was a great place to stay for couple of days. 

Waipu Beach:

On the next morning, we had decided to go to Russell which is around 2 hours drive from Waipu. I will write another post on Russel Trip. We have decided to enjoy Waipu the day after. In the morning, we went to Waipu beach which was just 5 minutes drive from our place. The beach was a long beach and I can definitely tell this is a haven for the surfers and great place for surfing. There is a camping ground just by the beach. So, if you like camping, this is a great place for camping and you can go to the beach which is just by the beach. There are couple of nice cafes to enjoy a hot drink or to enjoy meal while enjoying the beach view. 
A Buffalo at our Airbnb

Sea Shells from Waipu Beach

Waipu Beach on a Sunny Day

Waipu Beach - Paradise for Surfing!

My Daughter Enjoying the Walk!

The toilet and bathing facility is nice over there but for the rubbish you will have to take care of your own rubbish. We went for a long walk by the beach as the weather was sunny. We had collected some shells as well. We have gathered some nice shells and my daughter has liked this so much. 

Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Refuge:

Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Refuges

If you like a real quite place with pure natural beauty, you will like this place. Just a 10 minutes drive from the Waipu Beach, this place is nice one to enjoy. You will be able to find the sea mouth and can see the birds nesting. You can walk but you will not be able to go to the sea mouth as some of the parts are restricted. 

Piroa Falls:

From the Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Refuge, we went to the Piroa Falls which is a real gem. I will write a separate post on that. Please read my post on Piroa Falls

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