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Piroa Falls - A Hidden Gem Close to Auckland (Only 1 Hour 45 Minutes Drive)

Piroa Falls is a real hidden gem. You might have seen a lot of falls in New Zealand but this one is a different one. This fall will give you a feel of a fall in a jungle. The place is quite, a bit adventurous to access but at the end when you see the falls, it worth all the challenges!  

If you are starting from Auckland, the drive is around 1 hours and 45 minutes. If you are driving from Whangarei, the drive is only 45 minutes I should say. I believe this fall is underrated and need a bit more exposure.

If you are planning for a day trip, only this fall is not enough but this falls gives you some wonderful option to visit some wonderful places like Waipu Cove and Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Refuges. So, either you start from Auckland or from Whangarei, you can travel to all these places and go home by that day even during winter when the day is not very long! 👨

We had discovered this wonderful fall during our trip to Waipu. While coming back from Waipu to Auckland, we thought we should pay a visit to this fall. We had seen the signage several times while travelling to Whangarei but was never been there. As we had the whole day ahead and was too early to come back to home and as it was very close to Waipu, we though we will go this time. Off the State Highway 1, to go to the falls, you will have to drive around 6KM gravel road. The drive is peaceful and quite. the road goes through the forest which leads you to the Waipu George. 

Video captured by me:


  • Not many people go to visit the Falls, so you will not find many cars while going there.
  • If it is raining heavily, the road might get slippery as it is gravel road, might get muddy. Be cautious!
  • There is only a small signage for Waipu Geroge. You need to stop there. There is no proper parking place and you just need to park by the road.
  • You will find a stairway going down just by the signage of the Waipu George and you will have to follow that path. 
  • Once you are at the base, you will be able to find a bridge without any railing, you will have to cross that bridge to see the actual falls. 
  • There is no Toilet but when you enter to the Gravel Road, there is a public toilet there and it is better to use that one.
Some pictures of the beautiful Piroa Falls below:


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