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Piroa Falls - A Hidden Gem Close to Auckland (Only 1 Hour 45 Minutes Drive)

Piroa Falls is a real hidden gem. You might have seen a lot of falls in New Zealand but this one is a different one. This fall will give you a feel of a fall in a jungle. The place is quite, a bit adventurous to access but at the end when you see the falls, it worth all the challenges!  

If you are starting from Auckland, the drive is around 1 hours and 45 minutes. If you are driving from Whangarei, the drive is only 45 minutes I should say. I believe this fall is underrated and need a bit more exposure.

If you are planning for a day trip, only this fall is not enough but this falls gives you some wonderful option to visit some wonderful places like Waipu Cove and Waipu River Mouth Wildlife Refuges. So, either you start from Auckland or from Whangarei, you can travel to all these places and go home by that day even during winter when the day is not very long! 👨

We had discovered this wonderful fall during our trip to Waipu. While coming back from Waipu to Auckland, we thought we should pay a visit to this fall. We had seen the signage several times while travelling to Whangarei but was never been there. As we had the whole day ahead and was too early to come back to home and as it was very close to Waipu, we though we will go this time. Off the State Highway 1, to go to the falls, you will have to drive around 6KM gravel road. The drive is peaceful and quite. the road goes through the forest which leads you to the Waipu George. 

Video captured by me:


  • Not many people go to visit the Falls, so you will not find many cars while going there.
  • If it is raining heavily, the road might get slippery as it is gravel road, might get muddy. Be cautious!
  • There is only a small signage for Waipu Geroge. You need to stop there. There is no proper parking place and you just need to park by the road.
  • You will find a stairway going down just by the signage of the Waipu George and you will have to follow that path. 
  • Once you are at the base, you will be able to find a bridge without any railing, you will have to cross that bridge to see the actual falls. 
  • There is no Toilet but when you enter to the Gravel Road, there is a public toilet there and it is better to use that one.
Some pictures of the beautiful Piroa Falls below:

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A Trip to Paihia and Russell - A Long Weekend Escape from Auckland

Paihia is a town in North Island of New Zealand, just 1 hour drive from Whangarei. This is known that Paihia is the gateway to dive the sandy beaches of the Bay of Island. A great place for different activities like Dolphin and Whale watching, parasailing and the greatest attraction to visit the "Hole in the Rock". You can also take a day trip to Russell by ferry. The Waitangi treaty ground is just minutes away from the Paihia waterfront. There is a museum and a giant Maori Caneo mark the building of the modern New Zealand. 

We had visited Paihia last summer during the Christmas and New Year Holiday. We did not stay in Paiha but we drove from Whangarei which is just 1 hour drive from Whangarei. We tried to get accommodation in Paihia so decided to find something in Whangarei and as it is only 1 hours drive, it was easy access to Paihia. But, you can also get some wonderful accommodation by visiting the site here in an affordable price.

The beach front close to the Wharf is nice. You will find a lot of bars and eateries to eat and enjoy the sea at the same time. There are a huge amount of activities to do in Paihia - helicopter tour to Cape Reinga, Whale and Dolphin Watch, "Hole in the Rock" tour etc. 

I have listed below some of the amazing things to do in Paihia -

  • Hole in the Rock Dolphin Cruise - There a an amazing tour every day which covers the Dophin and Whale watching tour, Hole in the Rock, a view to Russell Wharf and a stop over at Otehei Bay. You can some review of Hole in the Dolphin Cruise here. We had this amazing experience and the whole family liked the tour (tips - please try to sit at the back of the cruise if the sea is not calm, this helps against sea sickness as you do not feel the big waves that much!). We were lucky enough to see some dolphins and the Hole in the Rock was amazing! If this is not windy and the sea is not swelling, the cruise might enter in the hole and cross the hole. 

Hole in the Rock

  •  A day trip to Russell - Russell or old Russell was the first ever capital of New Zealand. The oldest church The Christ Church is also located in Russell. Oneroa bay beach is an awesome one in Russell. If you are staying in Paihia, you can take the Ferry to go to Russell which is around 10 to 15 minutes Ferry trip. Ferry from to Paihia and Russell are available throughout the day. If you want to take your vehicle to Russell, you can take the vehicle ferry as well. The ferry travel time is only 15 Minutes and the Ferry is available every 15 minutes. You can book the ferry from here
Video Link Here:

Family Enjoying the Sun!

Oneroa Bay, Russell

Oneroa Bay, Russell

Russell Wharf

Just by the Walkway at Russell Wharf!

A place close to Russell Museum!

Russell Wharf

Russell Wharf

View from Russell Wharf

  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Museum - if you want to have a look at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, this is only 5 minutes drive from the Paihia Wharf. You can also pay a visit to the museum. 

  • Camping in Paihia: If you want to do camping in Paihia, Paihia Top 10 Holiday Park is best which is close to the Wharf and Sea as well. 

  • Fishing Charter: If you love fishing, there are regular fishing charters as well and you can take one and if you are lucky can get a lot of fish as well. 

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A Day Trip to Raglan Beach and Bridal Veil Falls from Auckland CBD - Only 2 Hours Drive


See the Video of Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls:

If you are planning for a day trip from Auckland CBD then Bridal Veil Falls and Reglan Beach are the perfect 2 spots that you can visit. The Bridal Veil Falls is only 2 hours drive from Auckland CBD. This falls was a bit different from the other falls in New Zealand. The waterfall is around 55 meters high. You must walk around 8-10 minutes from the carpark to the first lookout. There are 3 lookouts in total - one lookout gives you the view from the top of the fall. You need take the steps and go further down to go to the second lookout point which is almost in the middle of the walkway (from the top). The next viewpoint is at the bottom which is the base of the waterfall. There is a nice bridge and from the bridge, you get a nice view of the waterfall. 

Some tips: 
  • There is no proper carpark at the venue. Rather you need o park on the seaside. There are plenty of spaces, so should not be any problem unless the venue gets real busy.
  • There is only one toilet which is just by the entrance. The toilet is not very clean and well maintained. The toilet is a long fall type toilet. Take your own toilet paper with you, there might not be any. 
  • If you are traveling with children, do not take the pram with you. Then you need to carry the baby and the pram as well as to go to the base, you will have to take steep stairs. 

Reglan Beach:

Reglan beach is just 20 minutes away from Bridal Veil Waterfall. So, you can plan for the Bridal Veil falls and a bit of surfing in the Reglan beach on the same day. The beach is awesome. There is a lookout and the access is not far from car park. The sunset from the lookout is wonderful to look at from the look out. Or if you want to walk along the beach, you will enjoy the walk as well as the beach is quite long. I will share some pictures below which will give you a good idea of the beauty!

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Activities in Rotorua - Lion Show at Paradise Valley Spring Wildlife Park


Rotorua is a popular tourist destination that is just only 3 hour drive from Auckland CBD. This is a popular destination because there are lots of activities in Rotorua and also you can enjoy the nice Rotorua lake and geothermal activities. People who plan to visit Rotorua and Taupo at the same time, they stay one night in Rotorua and then start for Rotorua.

Personally, we have visited Rotorua several times and have done a bit of activity as well. The last time when we went to Rotorua when went to the Lion Show at Paradise Valley Spring Wildlife Park which is just around 20 minutes from the main center of Rotorua. This is a must-go if you have got kids and I can guarantee that they will enjoy their time. I can also provide you some of the must-visit places in Rotorua which are below -

1. Rotorua waterfront

2. Rotorua Museum and Rose Garden- there is a beautiful rose garden, and you will absolutely love it. The museum is still not open as it was affected by the earthquake but you can definitely take some nice pictures in front of the museum as the architecture is just wonderful.

3. If you drive further to the back of the museum, you will find some areas where there are volcanic activities. At the end of the road, there is a nice place to enjoy the view of the Lake. You will love it during the time of sunset and I can bet you will get some awesome pictures. 

4. Wai-o-Tapu thermal wonderland is a must-visit as you will find some amazing volcanic activities throughout the area. There is a pool called Champagne pool and I have posted a separate post on that place. 

5. Hot Spring and hot pools in Kailua Park

6. Rotorua mud pools are a place where you can have a unique experience in the bubble mud pools

You do not have to prebook your entry online and can get all the details here regarding the ticket pricing and opening hours. The ticket pricing for Adults is only $34 and for kids, 5-15 is only $17. Any children below 4 years old are free.

Please do not forget to buy some food to feed the fish and animals inside. Your kids will love to feed the animals and fish.

The best attraction is the lion's show. There are 5-6 lions I remember. The show actually is feeding the loins. When the trained persons feed the lions, they fight with each other and roar which is exciting to see and kids will definitely love it. But the show happens only once a day so please make sure you do not miss the lion show! 

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World Famous TranzAlpine Scenic Train Tour from Christchurch to Greymouth Return

This shot was taken from Trains' sight seeing deck

A nice lake in Canterbury

Mountains Covered with Snow

Mountains Covered with Snow

Mountains covered with Snow

A river flowing through the breathtaking landscape

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Huka Falls and Trip to Taupo - Things to Visit in Taupo



Breathtaking view of Lake Taupo

Wonderful Lake Taupo Picture - Swans are swimming in the lake water.

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Geothermal Activity in Rotorua - Hot Spring and Hot Pools in Kairua Park


Geothermal Activity in front of Rotorua Museum

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Champagne Pool at Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland - A Must Visit to Your Trip to Rotorua


A picture of Champagne Pool

Devils' Bath in Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

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Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach - A Must Visit Destination in Northland New Zealand


Walkway from carpark to Cathedral cove (almost 45 mins walk)

View of Thames Harbour

View of Coromandel Peninsula 

View in Front of Cathedral Cove

Beach in front of Cathedral Cove

View while going to Cathedral Cove from Carpark

Hot Water Beach (close to Cathedral Cove)

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach view

Cathedral Cove 

Cathedral Cove

A tree standing on the Cathedral Cove Walkway

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