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A Wonderful Water Fall Hunua Falls Just 30 Minutes drive from Auckland CBD


Hunua waterfall is a nice cute waterfall that is very close to Auckland CBD. If the traffic is not bad, then you can reach to Hunua falls within just under 40 minutes from central Auckland. This is also the best bushwalk around Auckland. You can have a look at the bushwalk path which will provide you an idea of how long the walk is. 

This is the best place to have a picnic or for a day trip. If you want to plan to go there on a weekend, you can start a bit late as the drive is not long. There are good number of parking and the toilet facility is good as well. Once you enter to the waterfalls area, you will have to walk through foot overbridge. The view from the bridge on a sunny/clear day is just beautiful and you get the mirror image of the fall on the water. 

We had visited to the place at first in 2020 during the month of August. New Zealand was in lockdown and just after lockdown we were looking for a place to visit that is nearby and can give us some peace. So, we decided to go to the Hunua Falls. When you exit the state highway, you get a feeling of the countryside before reaching to Hunua Falls. That was a picnic day for us. We had prepared some home-cooked food. We had spent some time by sitting close to the falls which gives you a nice view clear view of the fall. Then we went outside and just by the carpark there is a medium-sized ground which has got some benches just by the river. You can sit on one of them and enjoy the view of the river and enjoy your meal as well. 

There are nice toilet facilities on-premise as well but you need to carry back your own rubbish. There is a famous frame as well where you will get a chance to take pictures and on the background, you can keep the waterfall. When we were visiting the site, a couple were getting  their wedding picture so you can image how beautiful the site is!

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