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Activities in Rotorua - Lion Show at Paradise Valley Spring Wildlife Park


Rotorua is a popular tourist destination that is just only 3 hour drive from Auckland CBD. This is a popular destination because there are lots of activities in Rotorua and also you can enjoy the nice Rotorua lake and geothermal activities. People who plan to visit Rotorua and Taupo at the same time, they stay one night in Rotorua and then start for Rotorua.

Personally, we have visited Rotorua several times and have done a bit of activity as well. The last time when we went to Rotorua when went to the Lion Show at Paradise Valley Spring Wildlife Park which is just around 20 minutes from the main center of Rotorua. This is a must-go if you have got kids and I can guarantee that they will enjoy their time. I can also provide you some of the must-visit places in Rotorua which are below -

1. Rotorua waterfront

2. Rotorua Museum and Rose Garden- there is a beautiful rose garden, and you will absolutely love it. The museum is still not open as it was affected by the earthquake but you can definitely take some nice pictures in front of the museum as the architecture is just wonderful.

3. If you drive further to the back of the museum, you will find some areas where there are volcanic activities. At the end of the road, there is a nice place to enjoy the view of the Lake. You will love it during the time of sunset and I can bet you will get some awesome pictures. 

4. Wai-o-Tapu thermal wonderland is a must-visit as you will find some amazing volcanic activities throughout the area. There is a pool called Champagne pool and I have posted a separate post on that place. 

5. Hot Spring and hot pools in Kailua Park

6. Rotorua mud pools are a place where you can have a unique experience in the bubble mud pools

You do not have to prebook your entry online and can get all the details here regarding the ticket pricing and opening hours. The ticket pricing for Adults is only $34 and for kids, 5-15 is only $17. Any children below 4 years old are free.

Please do not forget to buy some food to feed the fish and animals inside. Your kids will love to feed the animals and fish.

The best attraction is the lion's show. There are 5-6 lions I remember. The show actually is feeding the loins. When the trained persons feed the lions, they fight with each other and roar which is exciting to see and kids will definitely love it. But the show happens only once a day so please make sure you do not miss the lion show! 


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