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Picnic on New Year Day at Tapapakanga Regional Park (Wonderful Views!)

 Tapapakanga Regional Park is only 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from Auckland CBD but I should say this is one of the best regional parks in Auckland in terms of natural beauty and facilities. There is a campground as well so if you want to spend a night or two while enjoying the natural beauty, you are most welcome! Additionally, the park has got BBQ facilities (2 BBQ stands) and toilets etc. You can also do fishing as well. 

If you are planning for a swim, the beach area in front of the campground has got nice white sand, so can go for a swim. There is a walkway as well. If you walk and go up to the hill, the view from the hill is just breathtaking and on a sunny day you can see Comormandel Peninsula as well. 

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